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URL in term of Java Network Programming

URL in term of Java Network Programming

A URL (Uniform Resource Locator) is the address of a resource on the Internet. In java network programming we can use URLs to connect and retrieve information over the Internet. In this section we will provide the complete information about the way of using URL in java network programming through a full code-example. The example give you the full exposure to network programming e.g. how to open a connection to a URL, how to retrieve information of a given URL.  
Now here we are provide a simple name structure of a URL which addresses the Java Web site hosted by roseindia:

In the above given URL structure there are two main components:

  • Protocol identifier
  • Resource name

In which there is a colon and two forward slashes between protocol identifier and the resource name. The protocol identifier is the name of the protocol which is used in the URL structure to get the resource. Here we use the http which is one of the protocols used to access different types of resources on the net. HTTP is mainly used to serve the hypertext documents.

The second part of the URL is resource name that is the complete address of the resource. The resource name contains one or more of the components listed in the following table :-

Host Name

The name of the machine on which the resource lives.


The pathname to the file on the machine.

Port Number

The port number to which to connect (typically optional).


A reference to a named anchor within a resource that usually identifies a specific location within a file (typically optional).

In the above given table of the URL structure, for many protocols the host name and the filename are required but in some times the port number and reference are optional.