C++ ( OOPS Concept )

C++  ( OOPS Concept )

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Duration : 30 Days                                    Per Day: 1 Hour                             ( 30 × 1 = 30 Hour )    



Key Concepts Of Oops. What Is OOPS Concept? Object Based Programming. Object Oriented Programming. What Is User Defined Data Type? Structure Of C++ Programming Creating Source File. Compile , Linking , Loading , Execution.  Moving To C++. Introduction To Encapsulation. Polymorphism, Inheritance. Typical C++ Environment. C++ Language Fundamentals. Tokens , Keywords , Identifiers , Constants , Variables , Datatype , Literals , Modifiers ,Operators , Precedence , Associativity.

FUNCTION  IN  C++: What Is Function / Advantages. Deceleration / Definition / Call. Passing Argument To The Function. Constant Argument And Default Argument. Inline Function, Function Overloading. Data Abstraction Mechanisms.

DYNAMIC   MEMORY   ALLOCATION: Static Memory Allocation. Dynamic Memory Allocation. New  Vs  Malloc() / Calloc(). Dynamic Object. Dynamic Memory Allocation. Normal Variable. 1D Array / 2D Array / String. Class Object.

CLASS  AND  OBJECT: C Structure Revisited. Class Specification. Class Instantiation. About Private , Protected , Public. Local Variable, Instance Variable , Static Variable. Class Member Function. Inside The Class. Outside The Class. Message Passing Concept. Record Programming Using Class. Pointer To Class Object. Array Of Class Objects. Nested Class Concept.

CONSTRUCTOR   AND  DESTRUCTOR: What Is Constructor And Destructor. And Why It Is Required? Is Their Compulsory Every C++ Program? Types Of Constructor. Default Constructor. Parameterize Constructor. Copy Constructor. Constructor Overloading / Restriction. Constructor With Default Argument. How To Call Constructor And Destructor. Local / Global Object. To Execute A Funn Before Main() Method. Common / Conditional Constructor. Containership / Dynamic Constructor.

STATIC: Static Data Member. Non Static Data Member. Static Member Function. Non Static Member Function. Without Object Execute C++ Prog.

FRIEND: Why Use Friend Function. Advantages And Disadvantages. Types Of Friends. One Non Member Function Friend With. Single Class. More Than One Classes. Class Can Be Friend With Another Class. Other Programs.

OPERATOR  OVERLOADING: What Is Overloading / Static Polymorphism. Types Of Operator. Using Member Function Overloading. Using Non-Member Function Overloading. Which Operators Are Not Overloaded ?

INHERITANCE: Reusability / Relationship. Containership. Is–A–Relationship. Hash–A–Relationship. Types Of Derivation. Types Of Inheritance. Ambiguity Solution In Multiple And Multipath Inheritance / Virtual Base Class. Constructor And Destructor In Inheritance

TYPE  CONVERSION: What Is Class Type Data / Basic Type Data. Basic Type To Class Type. Class Type To Basic Type. Class Type To Class Type. Basic Type To Basic Type.

POLYMORPHISM: What Is Polymorphism, And Its Type ?Static / Dynamic Polymorphism. Array Of Pointers / Binding In C++. Type Compatibility Of Base Class Pointer. Derived Class Pointer / Overriding. Need For Virtual Function. Pure Virtual Function. Abstract Base Class. VTABLE and VTR. Virtual Destructor.

TEMPLATE: What Is Template , Types ?Guideline For Template. Template Vs Macro. Advantages. Function Template. Class Template

EXCEPTION HANDLING: What Is Error And Exception ?About Try , Throw , Catch Keywords. Exception Handling Mechanism. Multi Throw / Multi Catch / Single Catch. Rethrowing Exception. Exception In. Operator Overloading. Inheritance. Constructor / Destructor.     Template.

FILE: Hierarchy Of File Stream Classes. File Pointer. Opening / Closing A File. Different Opening Mode Of A File. Reading / Writing In A File. Command Line Argument.

MISCELLANEOUS: Manipulators   <iomanip.h>. Pointer To Member Declaration (::*). Deference Pointer To Pointer To Class Members(–> *). Deference Pointer To Class Members(.*). Anonymous Object / Wild Pointer. Concrete Method / Abstract Method. Object Delegation / Object Slicing. Qualifier Class / In Inheritance. STL  Programming Model. Algorithm / Iterators / Vector / List / Map. RTTI  /  this Pointer. C++ String , Manipulation , Lib. Functions. Namespace Scope

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